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Parents - when involved, students learning soars
Parents/Guardians and family members are an important part of a student’s journey at Cedar Springs School District.  We encourage parents/guardians to be involved in their child’s education from the day they enroll.  The more engagement parents have with their child’s education, the better they succeed.  
Student Handbooks
Student handbooks are prepared for the information, policies, and guidance of students and parents. From it, students and their families will better understand the objectives of the Cedar Springs Public School District.
Red Hawk Elementary Handbooks
District Handbooks
Parent Information
Community Resources
Cedar Springs Public Schools know home life can create an effect on a student’s overall school performance. Sometimes there are moments in life where families find themselves needing additional support.  Cedar Springs Public Schools are fortunate to have partnerships in our community to offer assistants. 
Visit our Community Resources page for details.
Daily Schedules
Check back for daily schedules.
Health Services
At Cedar Springs Public Schools our number one priority is our students.  Upon becoming a Red Hawk, our students are provided with a variety of health services including a School Health Program, a Mental Health Team, and access to our School Health Center provided by Cherry Street Health. 
Visit our district Health Services page to learn more about what is available to our students. 
Mental Health Team
Cedar Springs Public Schools has a Mental Health Team available for students and families. You can visit our page to find information on our team members, coping skills, social-emotional supports, and ways to get connected to mental health services. We can. We will. We are. TOGETHER.
Update Contact Information
Making sure our school has the correct contact information for students, parents, and guardians is important.  We connect using all forms of communications (mail, email, texting, etc.) to connect with our Red Hawks. 
Visit our district Update Student Information page for details on how to make updates.