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We are very excited to welcome your child into 6th grade and look forward to a year of great growth both academically and emotionally. Your child is going to have many opportunities to learn, to build relationships and to mature as a young adolescent.  The entire staff is committed to ensuring your child’s time of learning at Red Hawk is a positive experience.
It is our mission to provide a high quality, world class education that ensures success for every child through exemplary teaching and learning. We believe that Red Hawk Elementary is a partnership of the students, parents, staff and community. Research shows that strong lines of communication between teachers and parents increases student achievement, so please feel comfortable contacting the school with questions or concerns regarding your child’s education. 
We believe it is important to have a safe and orderly learning environment. To do this, there needs to be accepted policies, expectations and procedures for how we do things at Red Hawk Elementary.  To help you and your child navigate life in the middle school, we have created a Student Handbook. Please take the time with your child to read and understand the policies stated in the guide. Following these basic expectations will help your child to be successful.
We hope to see you at conferences and the many student activities that occur during the school year.  Staying involved in your child’s education sends a message that their learning is important. It also keeps you informed on what your child is doing here at school. Let’s work together to ensure your child has a wonderful year at Red Hawk. 
Anne Kostus