Encore Classes

6th Grade BandTop of Page

In Sixth grade, students have the opportunity to become a member of our widely-recognized and award-winning band program here at Cedar Springs! Many students find band to be a very challenging, yet very rewarding experience. Band gives students an opportunity to express themselves in a way that many have not experienced before and lets them be a part of a different kind of team. 

6th Grade ChoirTop of Page

Sixth Grade Choir is offered to students who want to sing for enjoyment while continuing to develop their musical knowledge and vocal skills. Sixth grade is the best time for students to discover their musical potential. Participating in choir has a positive influence on any student. In choir, students will learn and develop:  singing with good vocal production, rehearsal techniques, professionalism in performance, self-expression, confidence, writing music notation, voice placements and sections, understanding of musical symbols, creativity, self-discipline, promoting a positive self-image, an appreciation for all kinds of music, understanding how music is connected to everything in life, experiencing a sense of pride for their creative performances.  
Students also learn how to demonstrate proper posture and breathing techniques to support vocal production, sing with a clear tone characteristic of his/her age and physical development, increasingly demonstrate knowledge of good diction, with uniform vowel production and clear consonants, perform dynamics and tempo markings as indicated in the score in both solo and ensemble singing, be able to sing independently in unison and two-part music. The student will be able to respond appropriately to direction from a choral conductor,  and will respond to music through movement. 
Sixth grade choir members are required to participate in 3 concerts during the school year:  
  • Winter Concert
  • Spring Concert
  • Sixth Grade Musical